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    (It's my mantra and I love a pun!)

    Hello! I'm Kathryn, a surface pattern designer specializing in home decor and apparel. I paint in acrylics and gouache, as well as digitally. I am inspired by nature, art nouveau, architecture, geology, pre-conquest America, and traditional Japanese prints. I love tai chi, coffee, tiny houses, travel, birds, big skies, and water. But, digging into design projects and solving problems with creative thinking is my absolute favorite.


    If you are an art director, please fill out the form below to let me know what you're seeking. I'll email you a pdf of relevant designs. In addition to licensing, I do work for hire, as well as production work such as recoloring and making technical repeats for your psd and tiff files. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you!


    The simplest arrangement is a two year, flat fee license or buyout for category rights to an existing work. However, I offer quick turnaround and a procedure for commissioned designs that is straightforward and has several opportunities for feedback along the way. Scroll on down to the contact form.


    Let’s work together to bring more beauty into everyday life!

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