Meet Our Printer: Finerworks


Hello everyone. Hope you had a happy 4th of July weekend and are settling back in nicely!

I'd like to introduce you to one of the companies we rely on to get U.S. made artwork into your hands. Finerworks is a fine art print company that serves artists and decorators worldwide. They offer quality custom framing and their packaging skills means less than 1% of orders are ever damaged in freight.  Impressive record.

With all the options for printing available, I had a lot of research to do before setting up shop.  I ended up sampling four companies' work. All use pigment inks and offer an acceptable range of papers and canvas. All produced high quality prints, but I found my samples from Finerworks had the colors absolutely perfect, even without using their handy color "calibration" chart. They offer the Somserset Velvet Fine Art Paper I was looking for and their range of frames includes solid woods with simple designs. 

Another deciding factor was the quantity AND quality of information available on their website. They have an extensive FAQS . (Artists are notoriously particular about their prints!) The answers from Finerworks are clear, concise, and conversational.  Furthermore, they are a fast working team, usually getting orders out in a few days. The fact that Finerworks is based in San Antonio, Texas was just the icing on the cake for this Texan! 

You can meet the team at Finerworks here: or check them out on Instagram. They are @finerworks, of course. Melissa has been highlighting the galleries in San Antonio, so it's a fun follow.

I'd also like to add that I have just added a new mural to the focal wall collection. This one's a bit different for me, but I do love bunnies. And carrots. I'm off to work on the carrot wallpaper now!  Never thought about it before, but of course, there must be wallpaper with carrots on it!

Next time I'll introduce you to another printer we work with and hopefully show you some of the printing equipment. 

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